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AKALO B1 Wearable Vitamin Patch


AKALO D3 Wearable Vitamin Patch


Akua Kelp Jerky Rosemary and Maple BBQ


Akua Kelp Jerky Variety Pack


Bask 500mg Pain Relief Salve


Bask CBD Infused Bath Bombs


Beam Boost CBD Hydrogel


Beam Dream CBD + Night Time Blend Packets


Beam The Fixer CBD Salve


Becca's Petites Chocolate Noir Snack Mix | 2 Pack


Becca's Petites Flambeaux Snack Mix | 2 Pack


Becca's Petites Original Snack Mix | 2 Pack


Becca's Petites Savoureux Snack Mix | 2 Pack


Butterfly Blue Dream Nut Butter


Butterfly Chocolate Reishi Nut Butter


Butterfly Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Butter


Butterfly Classic Nut Butter


Butterfly Pink Panther Nut Butter


Butterfly Rosemary Nut Butter


CBD Athletic Pain Relief Rub 600mg


healthy vegan snacks

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Some love from our wanderers.


New York Creative

Zigii's hangover bundle is my go-to travel buddy, an absolute must for those post party days ;). The beautiful packaging and abundance of awesome products made my day that much sweeter.


Tech Founder

“As a frequent flyer, you never know what can hit you during travel - fatigue, colds, and everything in between. I get Zigii delivered to my hotels and have everything I need in one awesome package.”



In a perfect world, early morning flights post-epic nights wouldn’t exist, but we all know life is far from perfect. Fortunately for us, Zigii is here to bridge the gap between YOLO and adulting.


Registered Nurse

"When I'm traveling, the last thing I want to think about is organizing my health essentials. Zigii solved this big time, and helped ensure I had wellness necessities waiting for me at the end of my journey."


Blogger and Director of Ops

"As a traveler with a weak immune system who takes dozens of long-haul flights per year. Zigii has introduced me to so many life-saving health products perfect for my hectic travel schedule."