Travel and staying healthy tend to be opposing forces. Zigii's here to help you stay on track on the road.

Empowering you to make moments matter.


It’s no secret that traveling is not always kind to our bodies. Yet humans have an innate desire to wander in search of deeper self-fulfillment; leaving us in a predicament where we must choose to compromise our own health for the sake of achieving ultimate happiness and success. That’s where we come in.

Zigii is our solution to the compromise. By presenting the tools and information necessary for ritual behavior to sustain well-being on-the-go, we enable modern-day wanderers to live more and compromise less.

No, we aren’t here to fulfill your entire meal plan along the way - we’re here to combat travel specific health issues one nutrient at a time because when you feel good, we feel good.


Born from a founder who’s been there.

As a self-confessed health enthusiast, I was naturally concerned about maintaining my wellness habits when I began my job as a management consultant. I was told, “expect 80-90% travel, Monday to Thursday.” I love to travel, but I wasn’t stoked about the difficulties of staying healthy on the road. As much as I’d be delighted to take all of my favorite products with me wherever I go, it was an inconvenient time commitment to ensure all of my health basics were covered every time I traveled. In a converging and increasingly customized world, incredible new wellness products and delivery services are at our fingertips, so I began to wonder why there isn't more being done to facilitate a healthier lifestyle on-the-go.

Zigii was born from my mission to eliminate the custom of compromising health for the sake of travel by providing the most legitimate, research-backed, wellness products directly to the people who need it most - modern-day wanderers, like you.

It’s time to live more, compromise less.

Allison Schaper,

CEO & Founder


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