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Travel and staying healthy tend to be opposing forces. Zigii's here to help you stay on track on the road.

Our goal IS TO PUT AN END TO THE HEALTH SACRIFICES associated with travel.

Say goodbye to the tradeoff…you can have it all.



We are firm believers that health is the absolute most important thing we can do for ourselves and that we shouldn't have to sacrifice our well-being in order to be successful.

The heart and soul of this company is to transform a hectic week on the road into an opportunity to optimize and sustain your health, while also giving our customers exposure to the most exclusive and elite new health products available. We’ll keep you connected to the growing global wellness community and increase the feasibility of keeping you healthy to reach and maintain your highest potential.


There's a major lack of connectivity between the wellness world and people who travel.

We’re here to fill the gap.



We designed our service for weekly travelers, for people whose schedules are up in the air as often as they are ✈️. We relate to the stresses of the packing, the Ubering, the nonstop phone calls, not to mention the actual flying, bussing, training, etc. During all this craziness, health tends to take a backseat and the idea of a health routine is completely thrown out the window.


Bringing you the latest and greatest healthy stuff

We research and select the best wellness products aligned with our vision circulating around the market. Our selections are assembled so we can concoct the perfect package tailored for our your traveling wellness needs.

All you have to do is pre-order your box and let us know your hotel address. Your Zigii box will be anxiously waiting for you upon check-in!


The best part?

We’re constantly changing up what you’ll get in your boxes.

These carefully curated wellness kits will have a rotation of a handful of products. Zigii is constantly changing, and while we will feature staple categories like superfood powders and supplements that we consider "must haves", we're always searching for the latest, healthiest, and trendiest products to place in your box.



At least I definitely didn’t, before I encountered all the amazing products and health hacks that I hope to share with you.




My health journey started when I was blindly prescribed a pill for a problem I didn’t have from a doctor who was monetarily incentivized to do so. Sound familiar? 5 years and a slew of random health problems later, I started unearthing the research on how messed up our healthcare system is. In a sensical parallel, I started to learn more about both the insanely corrupted profit chain (disguised as healthcare) that Americans fall victim to, and the incredible superfoods, habits, and products that actually create a healthy person. I was able to cure the root of health issues that prescriptions just essentially put a bandaid on, by putting great things in my body. After seeing what it did for my life and others around me, I became obsessed with the idea of sharing the wealth of health and gold mine of wellness products I had uncovered.



As a self-confessed health enthusiast, I was naturally concerned about maintaining my wellness habits when I began my job as a management consultant. I was told, “expect 80-90% travel, Monday to Thursday.” I love to travel, but wasn’t stoked about the difficulties of staying healthy on the road. As much as I’d be delighted to take all my favorite products with me wherever I go, it was an inconvenient time commitment making sure I had remembered to pack up all my staples to ensure my health basics were covered every time I traveled.

I quickly noticed that I wasn’t alone. An overwhelming amount of my coworkers and friends similarly struggled with balancing their travel with "staying on the health grind." Even the most regimented people I knew constantly complained about the lack of accessibility to products available to them whatever city their job sent them to in a given week. In the fast-paced environment and connected world we live in, the problem with a healthy lifestyle is that it doesn’t tend to be very mobile, and thus inconvenient to join us as we pass through various airports, hotels and offices.

In a converging and increasingly customized world, incredible new wellness products and delivery services are at our fingertips, so I wondered why there isn't more being done to facilitate a healthier travel week. There is a huge need to bridge the gap between the unhealthy travel lifestyle that many of us naturally fall victim to, and the wellness world...thus the idea for Zigii was born. I want to bring the amazing brands that help me feel great while I travel right into the hands of the people that need and want them the most - you nomads that zig-zag around the globe.

If you’re a wellness guru, have product suggestions that you’d love to see featured in boxes, or just want to chat, I’d love to talk to you!

- alli