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5 Ways to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you ever find yourself wanting to be healthier but at a loss for actual ways to improve your daily habits? 

Here at Zigii, we’re all about healthy living and we're all about helping you navigate the world of wellness. But we're also real people, so we know it’s tough sometimes - especially in the beginning. Don’t worry, we've got you! 


Here are our top 5 tips to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle:

Healthy morning routine blog post
  1. Develop a healthy morning and night routine.

Having a healthy morning and night routine has amazing benefits to your mental and physical well-being. It increases productivity throughout the day, reduces stress, and allows you to prioritize your goals. Whether it’s meditating, journaling, or exercising - what you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for your day and what you do at night to wind down sets the tone for the following day.

Here are some products on the marketplace that Raegan, our CEO, uses everyday:

  • GEM Vitamins to start the day with an excellent source of necessary nutrients needed to fuel our bodies for the day ahead.
  • WYLDE ONE Matcha Brain Buzz Latte to kickstart the morning.
  • Raegan is such a bath snob and lives for her nightly baths with Bask CBD Bath Bombs. 
  • The Beam Dream nighttime sleep powder is light a warm cup of hot chocolate but also helps calm you.


Healthy lifestyle and setting goals
  1. Set Goals

Our next tip for jump starting a healthy lifestyle is to set goals. This can be career goals, physical and mental goals, or just fun goals! It’s so important when starting your health journey to focus on what is most important in your life at the moment and what you want to accomplish in the future. Here are a few of our CEO's 2021 goals...

  • Read More Non-Fiction Books
  • Workout At Least 4 Times A Week
  • Drink More Water



healthy snacks and recovery for athletes
  1. Exercise

Exercising is amazing for so many reasons; it improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, and combats health conditions. It’s critical when starting your healthy lifestyle to develop a good exercise routine. This doesn’t have to be crazy; a couple times a week will do just fine! This could mean going for a walk, doing a workout online, or going to the gym. Any way you move your body is a good way! Find something that you enjoy and stick to it. Here are some of our Zigii favorites for sore muscles after a successful sweat sesh.


healthy snack food ideas
  1. Nutrition

When looking to start your health journey, nutrition needs to be at the forefront. Eating a well-balanced diet can improve heart and gut health, mood, energy, and sleep. At Zigii we don’t believe in a quick fix diet, we believe in long term lifestyle changes for better overall health. When starting a healthy lifestyle, it’s necessary to evaluate your current food choices and swap unhealthy choices for healthier ones.  Here are our favorite snacks for that will make healthier eating easy and enjoyable:



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  1. Self-Care

At Zigii, we’re all about self-care. But we know it’s so easy to get wrapped up in everyday life and forget to spend some time pampering ourselves and giving our bodies and minds the extra love it deserves. A part of starting a healthy lifestyle is taking time for you because you deserve it! Here are some of our favorite products to help elevate your self-care routine:



We hope these tips will help inspire you to kick off your health journey in a fun and easy way! We love all of these products and found such a difference in our health journeys when incorporating them into our daily routines! We're also here for guidance, support, and any questions you might have. We love you!


Live More,

The Zigii Team


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