Adventure Bundle: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Adventure Bundle: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Guess what Zigii Fam…our new Adventure Bundle has arrived! 

We are so excited to finally launch this and give you guys a breakdown of all the goodies this bundle includes! It is the perfect travel companion to bring along for all your summer adventures like hiking, camping, road tripping, and more. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

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  •  FLIGHTFŪD Hydration Elixirs (3): Drink your way to your healthiest adventure with the best ingredients. Just mix into water and enjoy.

  • MEZCLA Plant Protein Bar: The already delicious chocolate peanut butter combo, but better. The popped quinoa makes for the ultimate crunch. This bar is amazing for adventure seekers because it’s easy to take on the go and keep you full!

  • PAROMI Caffeine Free Tea: Real tea for real life. Pure, aromatic, inspired tea, anytime, anywhere. This caffeine free tea will help you wind down after an eventual day.

  • Plant People CBD Drops+ Relief: Your daily recovery tincture to support inflammatory response. Take a few drops to relieve tension and sore muscles.

With all these amazing products, you’re gonna need some ideas for your summer adventure...don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Zigii Team has shared some of summer bucket list adventures we hope to go on, so grab your bundle and get ready to go!


Zigii Team's Summer Bucket List:



"An adventure I would love to go on this summer would be another backpacking trip with my friends. Two years ago, my two friends and I backpacked through Europe for 2 months and it was life-changing. I would love the chance to pack that backpack up again, and take it on an adventure to either South East Asia or Peru. Of course, I'd have my Adventure Bundle along for the journey."


"An adventure I would like to go on this summer would definitely be going on a camping trip in the blue ridge mountains. I would love to just go off the grid and enjoy being with my friends and being in the moment! It really gives me a serotonin boost just going out on the parkway and hiking up to waterfalls. Also it would be the perfect opportunity to bring my adventure bundle with me!! I would probably use Plant People CBD Sleep Drops and I would definitely snack on a Mezcla Plant Protein bar."


"A summer adventure I’m hoping to do is camping! My family lives near the Poconos mountains and we’ve always wanted to camp there. It would be so much fun to explore and do hikes with everyone. My favorite part about camping is definitely the social media break. I love being able to put my phone down (or be forced to due to lack of reception!) and really just enjoy the time with my family! I would definitely be bringing my Adventure Bundle with me, and I know I’ll be using the Golden Ratio coffee pouches to start off my days!"

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