Our February Favorites: Monthly Product Spotlight

Our February Favorites: Monthly Product Spotlight

Hello Zigii Fam! Can you believe February is over? We sure can't. Yeah yeah, we know it's cliche to say.... but this year is FLYING BY!!

If you haven't been keeping up, our marketplace has been growing like crazy - new products weekly! And we want to make sure you guys are staying updated on what we are loving and what you need to try.


Here are Our Top 5 Products for The Month of February:

 hair skin nails stress relief supplement

Garden Affair Wellness Tinctures

    • We can’t express how much we love this stuff! The Garden Affair Wellness Tinctures come in two kinds... 
        • Full Bloom - Full Bloom is amazing for hair skin and nails, with herbs like goji, bilberry, elderberry, nettle, and ginger, the tincture is packed with nutrients.
          • Inner Peace - perfect if you're someone that struggles with managing stress or lives a busy lifestyle. Made from oat, holy basically, lemon balm, and ashwagandha, this tincture has all the ingredients you need to help calm and bring peace to your everyday life.


        vegan gluten free chocolate snacks

          Sustainable Snacks

            • Boy, are these addicting! Sustainable Snacks come in three flavors:
            • We can’t decide which we like best! These are the perfect solution for healthy delectable snacks that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. All organic and packed with superfood and nutrients, these snacks are amazing for an on the go treat as well. 


            CBD toothpaste vegan

            CBDent CBD Toothpaste

              • Whoever thought toothpaste could be so cool?! We sure didn't until we met Trent, founder of CBDent. CBDent toothpaste has us looking forward to brushing our teeth 3 times a day! Formulated by dentists, this toothpaste is not only all natural and backed by science, it has been shown to kill bacteria, fight inflammation, reduce sensitivity and whiten teeth. Trent found that cannabinoids were more effective in reducing the bacteria in dental plaques than generic toothpaste brands. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. 


              healthy beauty gift package box

              Femme Bundle

                • Our favorite bundle this month is the Femme Bundle. Packed with samples of our favorite beauty products, this bundle is an amazing way to test our things we’ve been loving. In the bundle you’ll find samples of GEM daily vitamins, Relief CBD cream, Nut butter, Collagen bar, and Beauty powder to name a few. 


                full spectrum cbd oil

                Karavie Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

                  • If you’re looking to try a Full Spectrum CBD oil, Karavie is perfect for you. Karavie Full Spectrum CBD is a high quality oil that is amazing for calming and relaxing after a long day or for soothing anxiety at the beginning of what you know is going to be hectic. We guarantee you'll find CBD being a daily must-have!


                  These have all been hand-picked by the Zigii team, and trust me, you need to try them. They're amazing! But then again, all products on our marketplace are! ;) 


                  Let us know if you try any of our February favorites out. We want to hear from you!


                  Live More,

                  The Zigii Team



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