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The Future of Corporate Wellness | Healthy Gift Options

 If COVID-19 taught Corporate America anything, it’s that the health and well-being of a company’s employees are critical to its overall success. As businesses make their way back into the office,  the emphasis for prioritizing one’s health will be prominent. In addition to hand-sanitizing stations, increasing nutritious snack options, and on-site vaccines, company wellness initiatives should be visible in other aspects of business life as well. For example, corporate gifting should be more than notebooks and branded coffee cups that may seem impersonal. Instead, it is the perfect opportunity to prioritize the well-being of employees during these pivotal times.


If an employer were to search “corporate gifts” on Google, endless options of homemade cookies, notebook and pen sets, and snack boxes full of chips and candy would appear. But if they searched “healthy corporate gifts” instead, the results would decrease dramatically leaving only a few options of dried fruit and fancy nuts. The world is living through one of the worst pandemics in history, and yet healthy gift options for corporate clients and employees are still practically non-existent. Something is wrong here. 



But that’s where Zigii comes in. Introducing Zigii Wellness Bundles customizable from their 75+ leading brand partners in the health and wellness industry. With a mission to curate thoughtful bundles that support and replenish people’s health, Zigii is revolutionizing the future of corporate wellness. Clients can build a bundle full of functional mushroom products, CBD tinctures , wearable vitamin patches, and more. Zigii’s bundles give the opportunity for companies to showcase their attentiveness to employees’ health. But what’s even better? When a corporate client supports Zigii, they are also supporting brand partners that are mission-driven, female-founded, POC owned, and all. 

There has never been a more perfect time to put your company’s well-being first. Say goodbye to sugary treats, junky corporate swag, and unthoughtful items. Choose Zigii for your corporate gifting needs, and reap the rewards of picking the healthy option. 



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