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Top 7 Tips for Beating Jet Lag this Summer

With high numbers of vaccinations on the horizon and countries opening back up, we are prepping for a great summer. And the Zigii team thought what better way to ring in "semi-normal" summer, than with our tips and tricks on how to beat jet lag!

Let’s face it... none of us has been traveling anywhere with a time change in a hot minute. So, we wanna make sure you guys are ready to go when you get to your destination!


Here are our 7 tips for beating jet lag while traveling - wherever you're jetting off to.


1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

  • Drink lots of water- water naturally nourishes your body and can help you wake up after a long plane ride.
  • Speed up your body's natural hydration process by adding a FlightFUD inflight elixir to your water bottle. Drink your way to your healthiest flight with a megadose of travel-supporting ingredients.

2. Skip the coffee.

  • Yes, we know you're thinking we're crazy but it's true. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or carbonated sodas when on the flight. The extra glucose and caffeine will spike your blood sugar and make it harder for your body to recover when you're extra tired.

3. Sleep inflight.

  • The more calm and relaxed you are during your flight, the easier it'll be to fall asleep. Sleep is so important, especially on those dreaded red-eye flights, for your body to recover as well as adapt to your new environment once you're back on the ground.
  • Have a hard time falling asleep mid-flight? Try taking CBD oil or CBD gummies to help combat this. The Karavie CBD oils or The Breeze Brand Sleep Gummies are amazing supplements to help you catch those Zzzs.

4. Stay awake post-flight.

  • This one is definitely the hardest but try your best to stay awake after you land. 1 nap is okay but try not to sleep the day away. Your body will be grateful once you go to sleep that night and we would recommend sleeping in rather than skipping a full day.

5. Adapt to the new timezone pre-flight.

  • Sounds confusing, right? Let us break it down for you. The week before you travel, slowly start to wake up earlier or later - depending on the timezone you will be entering into. AKA: later timezone = fall asleep later, wake up later, earlier timezone = fall asleep earlier, wake up earlier. This ensures that you're able to adjust quicker than you naturally would. We promise, this will make all the difference. 

6. Eat well.

  • This should be a no brainer! Eating nutritious foods is key to getting over jet lag. If you're filling your body with heavy foods, all you'll want to do is take a nap. Trust us - we've been there, done that. Instead, as soon as you land, we recommend eating healthy and nutritious food and going on walks to explore wherever you are. Keep yourself distracted so you don't feel the need to sleep the day away.
  • Need some good fueling snacks for your trip? We can name a few! Nemi Hollisticks are a great chip alternative, and one of our fav treats! More of a sweets person? The Sustainable Snacks Cranberrys + Walnuts are out of this world!

7. Bring an Adventure Bundle.

  • Our Adventure Bundle is new to the marketplace and is the perfect companion to any summer adventure. Hiking, camping, road-tripping- wherever you go, this bundle is the perfect addition to all the fun. Filled with amazing products that will fuel and restore you, this bundle contains snacks, CBD, drink elixirs, and even a mini shampoo and conditioner! 


Thanks for sticking around to read this. And let us know where you are traveling to this summer.


Live more,


The Zigii Team

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