Kindroot Adaptogems™
Kindroot Adaptogems™

Kindroot Adaptogems™


Plant lozenges for those "i need to reset" moments. Because one kind thing for yourself? it’ll lead to another. So let's hit re-start and get right back to it.

20 lozenges per bag.

  1. adaptogems™ for lit looks: the hi-radiance + hydrate blend. collagen helps quench thirsty skin, ashwagandha encourages rejuvenation. peach blossom refreshes + resets.
  2. adaptogems™ for sweet dreams: the drift off + de-stress blend. melatonin promotes sleep, ashwagandha encourages calmness. vanilla + hint of lavender soothes.
  3. adaptogems™ for even-keeled feels: the lifted + balanced blend. reishi mushroom helps reduce stress, maca extract promotes improved mood. lychee and rosewater awaken.
  4. adaptogems™ for balanced brains: the clarity + calmness blend. schisandra berry promotes mental endurance, lemon balm helps boost cognition. mang‘orange + white tea energize.