What's every frequent traveler’s biggest complaint?

“It’s so difficult to stay on track while traveling.”

We all know staying on the health grind can be hard; it’s even harder on the road. Traveling takes a major toll on our bodies, and today's working world lives on trains and planes more than ever before. A Zigii box is your personal wellness defense kit designed to keep you happy and healthy while you zigzag across the globe.



Bringing you the latest and greatest healthy stuff...

We research and select the best wellness products aligned with our vision circulating around the market, and concoct the perfect combo package tailored for our fellow traveling health enthusiasts. All you have to do is pre-order your box and let us know your hotel address. Your Zigii box will be anxiously waiting for you upon check-in! 



It's no secret that subscription boxes and the quick delivery industry are all the rage right now, giving you everything from makeup samples to clean pre-portioned meals right to the comfort of your home. Zigii takes this concept one step further for those of us that live a life away from that comfort zone and are constantly in planes, trains, and hotels.

We designed our service for weekly travelers, for people whose schedules are up in the air as often as they are  ✈️. We relate to the stresses of the packing, the Ubering, the nonstop phone calls, not to mention the actual flying, bussing, training, etc. During all this craziness, health tends to take a backseat and the idea of a health routine is completely thrown out the window.


The best part? We're constantly changing up what you'll get in your boxes.

These carefully curated wellness kits will have a rotation of a handful of products. Zigii is constantly changing, and while we will feature staple categories like superfood powders and supplements that we consider "must haves", we're always searching for the latest, healthiest, and trendiest products to place in your box. 

Our mission is to transform a hectic week on the road into an opportunity to optimize your health, while also giving our customers exposure to the most elite new health products on the market.