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The heart and SOUl behind this business is to increase the feasibility of you staying healthy so you can reach your highest potential.


I am a firm believer in that health is the absolute most important thing we can do for ourselves and that we shouldn't have to sacrifice our well-being in order to be successful. there's a major lack of connectivity between the wellness world and people who travel, and i'm hoping to help fill in the gap :). 

As a health enthusiast, I was naturally concerned about maintaining my routines when I started my job as a traveling consultant. I found myself constantly scavenging across the internet for travel health hacks, but struggled to find the time to go out and purchase all the suggested products and then go through the hassle of packing everything for my week ahead.

I started noticing that an overwhelming amount of my coworkers similarly were complaining about the struggles of travel and "staying on the health grind." Even some of the most regimented people struggle to uproot their health routines because these habits aren’t very mobile, and thus inconvenient to take on the road with us—especially for business travelers who spend the majority of their week in hotels, offices, and planes.

In a world that is increasingly at our fingertips with delivery services and full of incredible new health products, I wondered why more isn't being done to combine these two and facilitate a healthier travel week. There is a HUGE need to bridge the gap between the unhealthy travel lifestyle that many of us naturally fall victim to, and the wellness world...thus the idea for Zigii was born.