Hangover Product Details

Hydrant Hydration Mix: Drop me in 8 oz of water post-plane or train for optimal hydration. Did I mention that I work wondersfor hangovers, too? 

    Akalo Hangover Prevention 

Akalo Hangover Prevention Patch: Place me on clean, dry, hair-free skin, pre-booze. Wear for up to 24 hours to minimize next-day symptoms. 

  Further Food Turmeric Tonic

Further Food Turmeric Tonic: Add me to warm water or nut milk for a golden tea or latte that supercharges your body's natural defenses.

 Eat Your Coffee Bar
Eat Your Coffee Bar: Use me for a clean energy jolt, wherever you are. Equivalent to your standard cup of joe.

Flyby Hangover Prevention

Flyby Hangover Prevention: I’m a comprehensive solution for an awesome morning after. Take me with food before drinking, and before bed.
       Freedom Energy Bar
Freedom Energy Bar: Refuel with simple, all natural ingredients that you can recognize. Enjoy for breakfast or as a midday pick-me-up.
      Wylde One Brain Buzz

Wylde One Brain Buzz: Supercharge your brain. Mix me into warm water, coffee, nut milk, or tea for mental clarity.

Relyf CBD Cream: Take a load off with premium CBD, aloe vera, and coconut oil. Apply me directly to your pain points to energize skin & relieve travel aches and pains.