Founder Story

Empowering you to make moments matter.

Zigii was originally launched as a travel wellness company in 2019, delivering wellness bundles full of the best brands in the market directly to travelers' destinations. In response to the remote workforce emerging from COVID-19, we have shifted our model to deliver our wellness bundles right to your doorstep. 

In addition, we're committed to helping companies and employees stay connected during these unprecedented times. We partner with organizations looking to send some love to the those they can't be in person with right now, and ship custom gift bundles to their teams' homes. 

Due to decreased retail footprints in this new world, we also wanted to make our amazing brand partners more accessible, and we're so excited that in addition to our bundles you can now shop select brands directly in Zigii's marketplace. 

health and wellness storeBorn from a founder who’s been there.

My health journey started when I was blindly prescribed a pill for a problem I didn’t have, sound familiar? 5 years and a slew of random health problems later, I started unearthing the alarming research on our broken healthcare system.

This led me to obsessively educate myself on the power of integrative and functional medicine, and discovery of the incredible superfoods, habits, and products that actually create a holistically healthy person. I was soon able to cure the root cause of issues that prescriptions had just essentially put a bandaid on.

After seeing the impact of wellness on my life, I became infatuated with sharing the wealth - starting with giving frequent travelers convenient access to wellness products.

Zigii was built upon the pillars of collaboration and community, and we like to describe ourselves as a ”community in a tube”. We seek out like-minded brands and clients that share our goal of bringing joy and wellness into the world. We partner with mission-driven brands to curate the best wellness bundles on the market.

Our ethos is to empower people to #LiveMoreCompromiseLess, and one of our guiding lights is the Dalai Lama quote when he’s asked what most surprises him about humanity. He responds with 'Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.' I think there’s no greater truth than this, as we live in a world where there’s an unfortunate mentality that the hustle of life forces us to neglect our well-being.

It’s time to live more, compromise less.

Allison Schaper,