Sustainability Bundle Details


sustainable snacks
Eightysix Straws: Believe it or not - I'm grown, not made. Use me as you would your average straw, but minus the negative environmental effects.


superfood powder
Plant People Sleep Tincture: Shake well and pace a full dropper of me under your tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow. Use me 5-20 minutes before bed time. 
 healthy vegan snacks
Butterfly Nut Butter: This cinnamon vanilla nut butter is packed with omega-3s, antioxidants, and vitamins. Use me as a spread or eat me right out of the jar. 
healthy snacks
Sun & Swell Cookie Bites: As delicious as regular cookies, but without any added sugars, flavors, or preservatives. 


TERRA-TORY Soap: Super-food infused and specially formulated for sensitive skin. Lather me up with a washcloth or use me with a gentle body brush for optimal results. 
best superfood powder
Runako & Co: Packed with collagen, antioxidants, and Vitamin E. Apply me all over for increased hydration.
super supplements
Celsious Stain Stick: I'm a coconut-based soap stick. Use me to pre-treat all kinds of stains, from yellowing pits to oily smudges. 
vegan snacks
Raaka Chocolate: People say I taste like homemade granola covered in chocolate. But you'll have to try me to find out.