Vive Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites
Vive Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites
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Vive Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites


Remember dunking a warm cookie in milk when you came home from school or sneaking into the jar after bedtime? Relive your childhood memories anywhere (minus the sugar overload & upset parents). Our updated classic combines bittersweet chocolate chips & hearty oats for depth of flavor. With 8 real food ingredients & only 6 grams of sugar, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.


NOTE: We're not like most bars and snacks. We only use real foods and no preservatives so our delicious Bites won't last forever. They have a 4 month shelf life but pop them in your fridge if you want to keep them around longer! (Good luck not eating them within 4 months though...)

We love these as a(n):

  • froyo/ice cream topper
  • in-flight snack
  • afternoon office boost


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